T-14 Armata


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The T-14 Armata (Russian: Т-14 «Армата»; industrial designation Russian: Объект 148, romanized: Ob'yekt 148, lit. 'Object 148'), is a next-generation Russian main battle tank prototype based on the Armata Universal Combat Platform.

The Russian Army initially planned to acquire 2,300 T-14s between 2015 and 2020.[10][11][12] By 2018, production and fiscal shortfalls delayed this to 2025,[13] before Russia announced the apparent cancellation of the main production run[14] on July 30th, 2018. However, as of 2021, Russian state-owned TASS media agency claimed the Armata had been expected to begin serial production in 2022, with delivery of a test batch of 100 to the 2nd Guards Tamanskaya Motor Rifle Division expected to begin in 2022.[15] No evidence of this has yet emerged. The tanks were planned to only be officially transferred following completion of all state tests.[16][17][18][19] Serial production reportedly commenced in December 2021.[4]