Type 3 Ka-Chi


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The Special Type 3 Launch Ka-Chi (特三式内火艇 カチ, Toku-san-shiki uchibitei Ka-Chi) was an amphibious medium tank developed by the Imperial Japanese Navy in World War II. The Type 3 Ka-Chi was based on an extensively modified Imperial Japanese Army Type 1 Chi-He medium tank (it had 2 more road-wheels and two more return rollers on each side) and was a larger and more capable version of the earlier Type 2 Ka-Mi amphibious tank.

The Type 3 Ka-Chi was produced in very limited numbers, but proved useful due to its capability to be launched from a submarine, which enabled it to accommodate the increasingly difficult task of daytime reinforcement for isolated island garrisons located in the South Pacific and in Southeast Asia. The Type 3 Ka-Chi was deployed only in the Japan homeland and did not see combat.

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