PZINZ 222 Closed


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PZInż 222 - Polish prototype half-tracked infantry transporter from the interwar period. According to pre-war plans, it was to be the basic vehicle of Polish motorized cavalry units.

In 1938, at the PZInż. Eng. Edward Habich developed a design for a light, half-track armored personnel carrier. The new vehicle was to be built using elements of the Polski Fiat 618 car . Based on the project, a prototype was built, designated PZInż 222. At the end of 1938, it was subjected to laboratory and field tests, which the vehicle passed positively. Production was planned to start in mid-1939.

The basic version of the PZInż 222 vehicle was a half-tracked infantry transporter. It was also planned to create vehicles in specialized versions - eg a recon vehicle, telephone car and artillery tractor (for towing light cannons and Goertz interceptors).

It is estimated that by the beginning of the war, apart from the prototype, 12 transporters in the basic version were produced. In the summer of 1939, these vehicles underwent the last tests in the 10th Cavalry Brigade and probably this unit used them during the September campaign.