10TP Polish Tank


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The 10TP was a Polish light cruiser tank that never left the prototype status. While advancing the Polish armour development programme, the prototype was deemed unsuccessful. Discoveries made during testing led to the design phase of the newer 14TP model, which was never completed due to the onset of World War II.

The 10TP prototype itself was of an original design implementing some general ideas suggested by John Walter Christie but also many new technical solutions.

The 10TP tank had a wide hull that made it possible to put two members of the crew inside side by side, a front machine gun and a two-man turret. A solution to the problem of driving the vehicle both on wheels and tracks followed the American design, however Polish designers developed new, wider tracks, drive sprockets and a way of link hooking and moving. The tank steering system using hydraulic servomechanisms was their own advanced solution significantly affecting combat performance of the whole vehicle.