Half Track SU-57


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The SU-57, or T48, was the only American or British vehicle to be used in combat solely by the Soviets. This refers to the T48 in its 57mm carrying form, and excludes converted vehicles, or units captured by the Wehrmacht. The Soviets were already happy with American Half-Tracks, having received a total 404 of the standard M2 and M3 Half-Track.

The Soviets formed the SU-57s in separate tank destroyer brigades that consisted of three battalions each with 60 vehicles each. They were also used in separate motorcycle battalions, where they would provide welcome firepower to these lightly armored reconnaissance units. The first SU-57 equipped company to see action was the 16th Separate Tank Destroyer Brigade which took part in the August 1943 Dnepr River Offensive in the Ukraine. In August 1944, the SU-57 equipped 19th Brigade fought during the Baranow bridgehead battles in Poland, some units from this brigade then went on to fight in the Berlin and Prague campaigns in April and May 1945.

The Soviet Union gave 15 SU-57s to the Polish military. The vehicles were used by the 7th Self-Propelled Artillery Battery during the 1945 battles in Poland and Germany.

In operation, the vehicle would take up a hull-down position behind a berm or ridge, with just the gun exposed. They would often be used as a supporting, second line vehicle making use of the 6-Pounders excellent mid to long range performance.

A few of the vehicles did fall into the hands of the Wehrmacht, with a small number being used by the 14 Kompanie, Grenadier Regiment 105 of 72 lnfanterie-Division.