8-cm Raketenwerfer auf Somua MCL S303(f)

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Near the end of the war the Germans built an 80-mm rocket volley fire system on a captured French Soumua MCL halftrack with 48 rockets, These machines were in service with the Waffen-SS.

The rockets were almost an exact copy of the Soviet rocket m-8, known as the "Katyusha". The Germans built 6 machines to launch these missiles.

At first, these machines were tested as part of the Waffen SS, and then were moved to the West Brigade Schnelle (21. PzDiv.).

captured Somua MCG and Somua MCL.1 16 were converted in 1944 to carry 75 mm PaK40 L/46 and a 7.92 mm MG34 or MG42.1 Others had 16 French 81 mm mortars installed in 2 rows in the rear.1 Had a FuG Spr d radio installed.